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Lot Information
Lot size is 20' X 20'
Lot fee is $25.00 for weekend.
The fee is the same for one day or all three.


Gates open for vendor setup from
12:00pm to 8:00pm on Wednesday.
Gates reopen for vendor sign in from 8:00am to 8:00pm there after.

All dealers must stop at the Office trailer, 
and receive a lot assignment.
Lot fees must be paid prior to set up.
Vendors must list the number of people who will be on their lot.
Vendors are responsible for the actions of any person associated with them.
All lots are available on a first come first served basis.
Cash only.
Animals will be kept separate from Crafts dealers.
Please specify if you have animals. Anyone staying overnight
Leaving a Vehicle on the Property Overnight
Must Have a Rented Lot.

For more information call:
(740)  260-6260
8:00am to 4:00pm.

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Please keep in mind that our goal is to provide
a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
A fleamarket where parents, and grandparents can
bring the kids for a day of shopping fun.

Management reserves the right to remove any person from the property for any reason they deem necessary.

Driving is permitted in isles only.
Do not drive on any other vender's lot.
Only dealer vehicles may be parked in the vendor area,
and must be kept on their own lot.
All other vehicles must park in the public parking area.
Any vehicle improperly parked will have to be immediately removed.
Driving in the vendor area during selling hours must be kept to a minimum.
We want our dealers to have what ever mobility they need.
Please be considerate.
Drive only if you have to.
Use routes of least congestion.
Drive at speeds of less than 5mph even if there are no pedestrians to avoid dust covering other dealers merchandise.

Use of motorized carts is prohibited unless displaying
proof of disability.

Use of generators is prohibited during the hours of 11:00pm to 8:00am.
No vendor may sell food or beverages unless approved by management prior to the event.
No guns, ammunition, or fireworks of any kind permitted on the property.

Anyone caught selling stolen items will be turned over to the Guernsey County Sheriff's Departments.
No generators may be used after 11:00pm.
No drugs or alcoholic beverages.
Dealers are responsible for cleaning their lot
Vendors Must Take ALL Trash To The Dumpster.
No grey water may be discharged on the grounds.

The dumpster is located behind the concession trailer.
Trash cans are for patron use ONLY
.All vendors must have their area CLEAN and be off the property no later than 5:00pm closing day..

Valley View Trade Days is not responsible for loss, theft, or accident.
  View Trade Days reserves the right to have anyone
removed from the grounds.